Two Mics in One Input

In this article and short video I’ll show you how to record Two Microphones using just One Input jack.

This method uses a certain Stereo Breakout Cable by Hosa that lets you use Two Mics at the same time.

The recorded stereo file can be split into a Dual Mono file in Premiere Pro. I’ll show you how to do this too

Watch Video Here


1.  Insert the Lavalier Microphone TRS jacks into the Dual 3.5mm female ports of the Hosa Breakout Cable.
2. Insert the 3.5mm male TRS jack of the Hosa Cable into the Zoom H1.
3. Attach the Microphones to your body/clothes.
4. Test the levels on the Zoom H1 and Press Record once happy.
5. If this is all done correctly, you will see the levels on the Zoom H1 are split depending on the Microphone you use.
6. Once you’re happy with the recording, you can split this recorded Stereo file to a Dual Mono file in your Editing software.
7. You can watch how to do this in the video above.

Equipment Needed


🔴 Hosa YMM-261 Stereo Breakout Cable
US link
UK link


🔴 Audio-Technica ATR-3350 ATR Lavalier Microphone
US link
UK link

🔴Rode NTG2 ShotGun Microphone (to record my Presenting shots)
UK Link
US Link


🔴 Zoom H1
US link
UK link

🔴 Zoom H4n (to record my Presenting shots)
UK link
US link


🔴 Sony Alpha A6500 (to record this video)
UK link
US link

🔴 Canon EOS 5D Mark III (to record the Zoom H1 shots)
US link
UK link


🔴 Sony 55mm F1.8 Sonnar T FE ZA Full Frame Prime Lens (to record my Presenting shots)
US link
UK link

🔴 Canon EF 100 mm f2.8L Macro IS USM Lens (to record the H1 shots)
US Link: Click here
UK Link: Click here


This setup lets you record quick interviews with minimal equipment. You don’t need 2 Audio Recorders to record good audio.

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Thank you for reading.


Written by ravkan