How To – Pre-Production for Video – 3 Steps

Scripts, Shooting Scripts and Shot Lists are all very important steps before you start hit that record button.

Download the templates here

You can download the Script, Shooting Script and Shot List templates I use below:

Pre-Production Templates – RavKan

You can watch the video here:

Research, Research, Research
First of all, you need to know the story or message for the video you’re creating and the best way to get this across to your viewers, so research here is key.

Once you have the message for the video jot this down along with all relevant content surrounding this message and begin the writing process.

1. Creating a Script

So when writing, I start with an intro on what the video is about followed by the key points or instructions. This forms the bulk of the video. I usually end it with a Call To Action for further engagement.

I then add the Script into a document known as a Shooting Script which breaks the Script down further into scenes, basically an outline of the entire production.

2. Creating a Shooting Script

The first column represents the scene number. The type of shot or action that will take
place will be added next to this, along with the type of shot needed, be it a wide, medium, close or cut away. The final column has the dialogues for that shot or scene.

The project name and the names of the writers and presenters can be added here too.

Since I’m not good at drawing, I use Google to find images that best represent what I’m trying to create.
Once I have the images, I slot them into the action boxes and add the camera shot abbreviation into the shot type column.
This is for the Shot List I’ll show you in the third step.

Once all the images and script is added in, your Shooting Script is complete.
This is when I create the Shot List.

3. Creating a Shot List

A Shot List is a complete list of all the shots you want to include in your video and having a Shot List makes your shoot really efficient as you or your director can see exactly what needs to be shot on the day.
I create a Shot List using the images from the Shooting Script as this reminds me of the shot sizes, camera angles, and cut aways needed for it.

Any shot that requires certain camera lenses, equipment and camera move will be added here too
I’ll use the Shooting Script and gather all the scene numbers of similar shot types, group them together and add them underneath that shot in the Shot List.
All cut aways and voiceovers will also be grouped this way.

Creating Scripts, Shooting Scripts and Shot Lists are all part of Pre-Production.
They prepare you and keep you on track so try not to miss them out.

Thank you for reading.

Written by ravkan