Mount a USB Battery to a Camera Hot Shoe

Recently I uploaded an article and video on how to Connect a USB Battery to a Cage for the Sony a6500.
And in this article I’ll show you how to Connect a USB Battery directly to the Hot Shoe of your Camera without using a cage.

You can watch the video here:

Munsen Rings. The Saviour for Mounting (maybe!)

This is a Rubber Lined Pipe Clamp, or more commonly known amongst plumbers as a Rubber Lined Munsen Ring.

This is also known as a Cushioned Pipe Clamp, Rubber Lined Pipe Clamp or Hanger Split Ring
See Instructions below on how to assemble this.

 Munsen Rings luckily for Camera Operators work with 3/8 inch threads which is so ideal because you can mount pretty much anything you want to them.

Parts Needed

The parts needed for this are listed below.
They may vary in colour and design slightly from the video but the sizes and dimensions are all the same.

  • Munsen Ring / Rubber Lined Pipe Clamp
    UK link
    US link
  • 3/8″ to Cold Shoe Adapter (even though it’s stated as Hot Shoe)
    UK link
    US link
  • Thumb Screws (M5) I replaced the M5 screws that came with the Munsen Ring with M5 Thumb Screws. This makes it much easier to add and remove the USB battery
    UK link
    US link
  • Power Bank (5000mAh)
    UK link
    US link

Connecting the Parts

    1. Screw in the Cold Shoe adapter to the Munsen Ring.
    2. Twist the Munsen Ring so it’s in the opposite direction to the foot of the Cold Shoe. If that is a term!
      This essentially will stop the battery poking you in the eye if you decide to use the Viewfinder when filming.
    3. Add the battery in and connect it all up.


In the article Connect a USB Battery to a Cage for the Sony a6500 I showed you how to connect a USB battery to a Cage.
However, a lot of you may not have a cage (I definitely recommend it) so I made a video for those ‘Cageless’ Camera Operators.

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Thank you for reading.

Written by ravkan