How to Make Instagram Stories using Premiere Pro CC

In this article, you will learn all the steps I use to create Instagram Stories

“An Estimated 71% of US Businesses Use Instagram”Social Sprout

Instagram is growing by the day and will continue to grow (if Mark Zuckerberg has anything to do with it). So if you’re not using it to it’s full potential, you might be missing out.
It has overtaken Snapchat in many ways which everyone thought would be the only game changer. Don’t get me wrong, it was for a while but Instagram muscled in strong!

“Now more than half of Instagram’s 500 million daily active users are on Stories, indicating that it’s becoming the future of the app.”Tech Crunch

A massive part of this has to do with Instagram Stories.
Launched in August 2016, Instagram Stories is a feature that lets users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours.  They’re GREAT for engaging those watching with your message! The only caveat is that the story will be removed  from your feed and profile after 24 hours, unless you add it as a highlight.

It’s always being updated and improved too. As of March 2018, it’s had the following updates:

  • New Type Modes (Creative text styles)
  • Users can send their Stories as a Direct Message to specific users. In other words, ‘slide into their DMs‘!

Ok, you have an idea on what to create for your Instagram Story so lets begin those steps!

Watch Video Here


The Steps


The idea of shooting all footage vertically may be an odd way of working for many camera operators but it’s been proven to increase interaction on social platforms as this format is native to mobile devices. This is the first thing we need to deal with when shooting. The easiest way to do this is to just turn your camera! Ha, simple I know. This will require the appropriate changes in your editing software too as I’ll share later on.

You can use any camera to shoot, but try shoot all your footage in HD so the final story looks as hi-res as possible.
In this example I’ll use my Sony a6500.

Once you’ve shot all your vertical footage, the next step is to begin editing it.


This is the part where you craft the message of your story. The Video Editor I’ll be using is Premiere Pro but you can use whichever one you like. The principles are all the same. You can even edit on FREE software.

Free Video Editors
Lifewire have rounded up the 6 Free Video Editors here
NOTE: Currently the length of an Instagram Story is limited to 15 seconds so bear this in mind when editing. This doesn’t mean your final video has to be 15 seconds in total. Make the video as long as you want (but not a feature length film!) and I’ll show you a nifty little app that cuts the video into 15 second segments and stitches it all together making the video seem continuous. I could export out 15 second segments in Premiere Pro but this app is a cooler way to do it!

Sequence Settings

First, I’ll import all the footage I’ve shot into the Footage folder.

When it’s all imported in, I set the correct sequence settings in Premiere Pro.
If you edit video, you’d know the dimensions of HD are either 1920 (w) X 1080 (l) OR 1280 (w) X 720 (l). The dimensions of a vertical video would be the opposite of this; for e.g, 1080 (w) X 1920 (h) OR 720 (w) X 1280 (l).
Lets create a new vertical sequence with the 1080 dimensions. (SHOW PP GIF). Add in 1080 for the horizontal and 1920 for the vertical frame size. You’ll end up with this  (SHOW PP GIF). Its a Vertical project.



By the way, if you want the same Premiere Pro project with the folder structure and vertical sequence, you can download it free below. It’ll save you time creating it yourself I guess.

Premiere Pro Instagram Template
The Password to download the file is the word DOWNLOAD (in Upper case)

Rotating Footage

Now its time to add the footage in the order you’d want the story to be told and just edit it in a way that you tells your story best.

I shot all my footage on the Sony a6500 so my footage will be flipped. If you shot footage on a phone, you wont need to worry about the next step of rotating the footage.

You need to adjust the clips by giving them a 90 or 270º rotation depending on how you held the camera whilst shooting.
I’d rotate 1 clip so CTRL click it and select Copy at the top of the list. I’d then select all the clips after, CTRL click again and select Paste Attributes at the top. This will rotate all clips similar to the first clip I rotated. To make sure it worked, I’ll check the clips and ‘re-rotate’ the ones that decided to go their own way. (SHOW PP GIF)
I’ll then fine tune the edit to get it around 1 minute long.


Adjust the colour of the footage to whatever suits you. If you want to add an Instagram-esque filter to it, you can visit the Cineblur site below and download the Instagram filters for video. They’re just LUTs and so easy to use.

Instagram Filters for Video



To give your story more direction, adding in Title screens always helps to drive your message further.
Making Title screens is simple. But if you cant be bothered, you can go ahead and download some I’ve created. They are FULLY editable PSDs too! You can download them by clicking on the link below.


Instagram Stories - Templates
The Password to download the file is the word DOWNLOAD (in Upper case)

Adding Images to your Story

Unsplash is a site with the tagline ‘Beautiful, free photos’ and thats exactly what you get! There is no signup form and no limit to how many images you download! Just download whatever and add them into your story.
Images will make your story POP and add more depth to it.


Music is such an important element for any story AND the most frustrating! Any video editor will tell you that finding the right music for your video takes the MOST time! Aargh!
Music alone has the power to create any mood or feeling so it’s crucial to add it in to your story, especially if you’re directing your audience to a product page. You’ve probably read all the experiments using Music and influencing customers to buy a product. If not, click below to read one of them

The Subliminal Influence of Ambient Music on Shoppers

Anyway, you can use the YouTube Audio Library to download Royalty Free Music that will fit the mood of your story. Once downloaded, import it into the Premiere Pro project and start cutting, looping and editing it down to the length of your video. I have an article and video to help with this below.

How to Edit MUSIC in Premiere Pro CC

Once you’re happy with the edit, export your video.


Again, the settings to use will be the same across most video editors but for Premiere Pro you go to:

File > Export > Media

Or you can press Command M to get to the Export Settings window.

Then I use the following settings:

  1. Format to H.264,
  2. Preset to Match Source – High Bitrate.
  3. I’ll also check the Use Maximum Render Quality box so my video is exported at the best quality.
  4. Then I’ll name the Story and Save it in a place I can find it!


Ok wikid! You’ve got the final exported video saved on your computer but how the hell do you upload it to Instagram as a Story?

Instagram currently doesn’t allow uploading using web browsers so we have to transfer it to our Smartphone and upload the video to Instagram that way. Sucks I know.  So,

Mac Users
I found the easiest way is to use Airdrop to transfer the video from your Mac to your IOS device.

PC Users
The Airdrop alternative for Windows or Android devices is an App called Send Anywhere. Actually you can even use this with Macs and IOS devices which is a bonus!
Check it out here: Send Anywhere

Once the video is on your device, its time to get it ready for Instagram.


Instagram has a 15 second limit on their stories. If your video is longer than that, well then you’re effed! You would’ve been if it wasn’t for these GENIUS apps. Party time!

Mac Users
The App is called CutStory and is currently only available for IOS devices. It basically slices your final video and saves it into your Camera Roll as 15 second segments. You just then upload each segment to Instagram Stories. This is a paid app so its places the CutStory logo on your video BUT its pennies to get it removed.

PC Users
Android users have an App called Video Splitter – Story Split on the Play Store. I’m not an Android user so can’t comment on it BUT the reviews are good.


Now that you have the video segments, open up Instagram and upload them in the order of the Story. Your Instagram Story will be the same length as the video you edited earlier. And my work is done!


Instagram Stories is used by OVER 250 million active users DAILY! That’s insane.
I’ve been testing Stories to promote new YouTube videos I’ve made and directing viewers with the ‘Link in bio’ message.
It’s a really good promotional tool!


  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC


Written by ravkan