How to Edit MUSIC in Premiere Pro CC

How do you edit a Music file and make it sound GOOD with Audio Effects?

In this article and video, I’ll show you how I do it inside Premiere Pro CC.

I’ll cover how I cut a perfect Loop and add Effects / Plugins to complete the Music file.

So lets begin!

Watch Video Here


 1. First, I add my Music file into the Timeline and added Markers on the Downbeats of the sections I want to cut.

A Downbeat is the FIRST beat of a bar.

 2. I then cut at the Marker points and give the sections a Colour so its easy for me to find them when I need to use them later in the mix.

 3. I then move the sections down the timeline to make space for the Loop I’ll work on.

 4. Then I copy the Loop section and Paste it straight after it.

 5. I’ll play the loop to check if it actually does loop!

If it sounds good, I’ll move on to adding some effects to it.

I’ve explained Cutting and Looping a Music file in a previous article and you can check that out by clicking here


I usually copy and paste the loop a couple more times so I can add other effects onto them. I change the loop colours too (a lot of colour changes I know!). It helps me find them quickly later.

I’ll add my first effect on the 3rd Downbeat of Loop 2. To find this, I usually add Markers and count the bars at the same time.


Once I find the 3rd Downbeat, I cut at that section to make it a separate clip and then move it to a New Audio Track.. For this example, I’ll call that track Loop FX 1

In the Mixer, I’ll add a Parametric Equaliser and use the Preset ‘Old Time Radio’. You can use whatever effect sounds good to you.

Playing the files now you can hear how Loop FX 1 has created a bit more of an interesting sound.


This is where I complete most of the Music file by copying / pasting the loop a few more times to add different effects on the other sections.

I label these in the Audio Track Mixer so I don’t lose track of them.

In the example, I added 2 Plugins for ‘Loop FX 3’. The first being ‘Vinyl’ by Izotope which is a free Plugin that simulates just that, a Vinyl. It does this by adding Dust, Scratches, Warp and everything that comes with a dusty old battered vinyl onto the file.

The second Plugin is a simple Low Pass filter.

I added Automation on both Plugins making them sound slightly more exciting!

For ‘Loop FX 4’, I added another Low Pass filter with an Automated Filter Sweep. Automating a Filter on a sound helps create some movement on it.

To End the Music, I added in the section I cut out earlier during the ‘Cut and Loop’ part.

I then cut it at Bar 8, moved it to a new track and added a Studio Reverb on it’s Mixer channel.

This is so the audio has a nice ending trail and doesn’t end abruptly!

You could use a Delay effect instead of a Reverb but it requires a few extra steps as the Delay doesn’t trail off once the section has finished.

To add Automation on a Track is easy.

1. Press the Wrench Icon at the top of the Timeline to change the Display settings.

2. Select ’Show Audio Waveform’  and ‘Show Audio Keyframes’ in that list.

3. Select the Audio file in the Timeline and expand that track.

4. On that track, click the ‘Show Keyframes’ button and select whatever you want to Automate.

5. Then select the Pen tool (P) and start adding Keyframes on the Audio file.

6. Done!

To add a Delay effect to end a section

1. Click on the section you want to add the Delay effect to and Nest it.

2. Rename it to whatever suits.

3. Click on the ’New Item’ button in the Project Panel, select ‘Black Video’ and press OK.

4. Go back and double click the Nested sequence created earlier and drag the Black Video into it.

5. Go back to the Main sequence and increase the length of the Nested sequence

6. Play the file.

7. Change the slider settings of the Delay, Feedback and Wet parameters to increase this Delay effect. Just play around with it.


And that’s how I edit my Music files to make them sound the best I can.
You don’t have to use the same effects I did, just get creative and start adding ‘anything’ that sounds good!
Tell me any good Plugins you use when editing Audio in the comments of this blog post. I’d love to know!
I really hope you got some value from this.

Thank you for reading.


  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Written by ravkan